RhythmWave™ exists to bring Conscious Dance and movement practice and education to Black Rock City. What began as a humble theme camp in the dust and ash of Black Rock City in 2007 has become an international association of gifted movement facilitators, teachers, and practitioners.

Conscious Dance is often described as a “moving meditation”, offering a medium through which one may discover and embody a new way of being and expressing, with intention and awareness.

Basically, Conscious Dance differs from “ecstatic dance” in the facilitated nature of the experience. Both are free-form and without choreography, with no limitations on body type or fitness level. Ecstatic Dance will typically have a DJ who selects the music in an effort to create a fun, enjoyable dance experience. Conscious Dance will have a facilitator whos goal is to create a safe, inspirational container for participants to practice feeling what is going on inside their bodies through awareness and motion. Conscious Dance facilitators are often certified in recognized practices like Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms®, Open Floor, Soul Motion, or Dancing Freedom.

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