Welcome to RhythmWave

RhythmWave™ is dedicated to providing the practice of Conscious Dance to Black Rock City. With no experience necessary and no “steps” to learn, Conscious Dance provides a path for the authentic expression of who we are – and who we can be – in each evolving moment.

UPDATE 6/7/2023 – We still have room if you would like to camp with us

Does the term ‘Dance ugly and Drool’ mean anything to you?  Do you reach a total Zen state, get really excited, then mad/sad/happy/glad/lost/found/grounded, then elated, then reach a total Zen state when dancing? Are you looking for shade, shower stalls and a tasty meal plan?  Then look to the top of this page and click on Contact, and send us your info.

UPDATE for BurningMan 2023 – 3/15/2023

RhythmWave now has one of the founders leading the camp, along with group of long time campers.  Though the leader is good with mechanical things, this website is taking awhile to get a handle on.  DO NOT USE THE DONATE BUTTON.  No idea where the money will go at the moment…

We are hard at work preparing for this years Burn.  Steward Tickets have been purchased and we are settling on a Build Crew.  If you are interested in camping with RhythmWave this year you can inquire via the contact page.  Our apologizes, but the contact page had not been working for quite some time.  The links have been fixed and you will now be heard. Over the next few weeks we will be trying to get this site updated.  Not all currently captured content is congruent.  If you have questions please send them to us via the contact page.


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