All we are saying….

Orion (Joelle) ~
“Sooooo much gratitude for your radiant hearts and all the love, joy and goodness we shared. I miss you. With deep appreciation, recognition and love. THANK YOU.”

Eleanor ~
“There are not enough words for the gratitude i feel for Rhythm Wave. To all the leaders and DJs and campers who made me feel so welcome and at home, thank you from the bottom of my feets. Enormous love and gratitude. You made my Burning Man.”

Mountain Missy ~
“We weren’t part of your camp but RhythmWave, you made our burn! We were your neighbors across the street (Red Nose District/Pedal Bump) and from day 1 you had our attention and our bare feet. We didn’t know what ecstatic dance was but you helped us to find our way and we love you for it. Thank you for being awesome neighbors and awesome people. See ya all next year!”

Doug Dirt ~
“Aloha. I have a deep gratitude for all that you do for the BRC…My entire being was soo moved by each mornings dances..Bless every molecule of all ya all….I look forward to returning next year…”

Mary ~
“Thank you RhythmWave for a wonderful week of dance. A daily dose of your special DJs and yoga teachers was the anchor for my Burningman experience.Thank you so much for creating a safe space to express my self and commune with wonderful people.”

Dan ~
“A big fat THANK YOU for your camp. It transformed my experience on the playa. Love love love love love!”

Murial ~
“Finding Sweat Your Prayers in BRC changed the trajectory of my entire burn. Thank you to everyone who danced in the dust, hearts creaking and cracking and exploding with light!”

Mary ~
“Thank you RhythmWave for making this year at BRC the best yet!! Dancing Freedom, Sweat Your Prayers and all the other events gave me a center for each day. The love and joy we shared was what this week was all about.”

KimJoy ~
“What a fabulous Homecoming this year!! So awesome to connect to my RhythmWave family again!! And what a year it was! So many delicious offerings, incredible teachers and a consistently, perfectly in harmony, packed dance floor!!”

Audrey ~
“*~* Thank You*~* Rhythm Wave Family! Moving & grooving it up with all of you was pure joy, you offered up a place for me to move through space until only we existed where intimacy with you was remembered. Sending Light in Gratitude.”

Mac ~
“THANK YOU SO MUCH. As for peak experiences, mine was the saturday set with you guys. I learned a lot about family this burn, and that was mostly because of you all.”

Joanna ~
“Beloved, you made my first Burning Man experience exactly what I had hoped it would be! Forever grateful to have been introduced to the rhythms 4-years ago in Sausalito….what a community, what a sacred practice! Now back in Vancouver, BC, I carry new love, life and movement within.”

Sol ~
“Thank you so much for your wonderful camp at Burning Man this year. Your hardwood floor was impeccable and I had some of my favourite dancing moments at Burning Man on your boards. Thank you.”

Susy ~
“I just wanted to express how wonderful it was having your camp as neighbors this year! Seriously you folks had to be the best neighbors on the playa and I cannot express enough how much your music and vibe set the tone at our camp. If possible we will try to be close to your camp if or when you return to Black Rock City:-) You made our burn so wonderful! Thanks so much!”

Lorayne ~
“Thank you for the wonderful moments shared with all you beautiful dancers on that incredibly delicious bamboo floor at Burning Man! Some of the dances were truly the highlight of Burning Man. ~Aloha”

Marina ~
“I wanted to say this to you guys on the playa but something in me restricted me. I realize that restrictiveness is what I have to get over in my overall life but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much. I was part of camp do nothing, your neighbors on 4:30 and g. Every morning I would wake up or go to sleep to the beautiful music you played. As bacon was cooking on the stove, I would run off and dance barefoot and freely to the beautiful sounds and energy you created on your hardwood dance floors. I have never felt so free dancing. I learned so much from the simple, though sometimes difficult directions the tjs(teacher djs) gave. Like to turn to open your eyes to the person in front of you and share yourself with them through movement. No matter what time of the day it was or how I was feeling, I was always drawn to your camp and given the space to just be entirely expressive. You played music that let me recognize that my loved ones were with me even though they were not physically present. As I frolicked on the playa and danced to other music on dancefloors, dust beds, trampolines and carpets where talking was allowed I found myself channeling the words of your tjs, hearing the rhythm and taking a moment to allow my body and heart to go with it. Though i tried, I feel my words will never describe the experience your camp brought to my life but I am absolutely grateful for everything you have given. Thank you so much.”

Donna ~
“Hello beautiful Rhythmwavers! I want to first of all thank you for all of the beautiful moments that you helped me to manifest in my burn this year, dancing with everyone on that incredibly bouncy bamboo floor is such a joy and release. Thank you Rhythmwavers!!! Can’t wait to dance with you all again!”

Inna ~
“RhythmWave saved my life. Thank you so much for being love and holding space for our self expression. Your dancefloor was in our (Camp Do Nothing) backyard, and we came to let go every chance we got. The music was on point, the flow was unstoppable. A beautiful soul helped me cry in her arms. Thank you thank you thank you”

Heidi ~
“mmmmmmmm. such joy to be surrounded by all the great energy that IS burning man, awake in the morning there, wander on to the dance floor each morning, and truly connect with my own spirit and a tribe i’ve come to value as much as friends i’ve known all my life. Synchronicity abounds and vitality spirals out from that beautiful dance floor. I can still feel it now.”

Don ~
“I came the first time because of my experience with the 5Rhythms. I kept coming back because there was something unique; unique even within the ocean of unique expression that is Burning Man. I found that space, and the people who create that space, where the dance moves beyond the ego and into something transcendent, something made of love and joy and fervent acceptance. I danced with people, looked in eyes, experienced their beauty and fear, their tragedy and triumph, and never exchanged a word. We talk of and seek connection on deeper levels, and I connected: I knew and became known.”

Owlswan ~
“The first year I came to Burning Man I was an awestruck independent checking everything out. One of the things I found was the bamboo dance floor and most every time there was a dance after that, I was there. I met Coyote, he told me the deal, eventually vouched for me, and I was hooked. I live to dance so where else is there to spend a week with a whole passel of off the hook edge dancers, people who all see the world through dancer’s eyes. While some of these things are true of Burning Man as a whole, Rhythm Wave is a place to laugh from the deepest part of the soul and to cry from places long forgotten but still needing to be healed. It is a place to shed skins and work in a community that appears seemingly out of nowhere and disappears into the dust. It is a place to grow, change and be challenged to be the very best I can be, but have no one hold judgment and have the chance to let that judgment go of myself and others as well. It has the best qualities of being human and allows that humanity to be carried, renewed, back into the daily world where it ripples into the lives of people who will never know whence the pebble was dropped…”

Cris ~
“It seems like each year at the closing dance on Sunday, there is a song that is played that inadvertently and surprisingly breaks my heart open and continues to ripple thru my body weeks and months after we leave the dance floor. BM 2011 it was the rendition of Amazing Grace. This year, the song is ‘I won’t give up’ by Jason Mraz. Thank you RW for the dance floor and the space you created on the playa. I am still dancing internally with that song, even though the floor is gone and the external music has stopped…”

Matthew ~
“I so deeply appreciate the offering of this space, this dance floor, this community of burners! Thank you again for all that you offered to the community!!!”

Anonymous ~
“Well I for one can say that dancing on the playa, at RhythmWave, with the sangha of souls who loved to move while dust was swirling and the wind was flapping at the shade structure was life-changing for me. I realized just how similar we all are and what genuine acceptance and love feels like. I’ve tried to live it in my default life every day since the last dance on the playa.”

Greg ~
“2007: It’s Monday night and the auspicious night summons a lunar eclipse. The bamboo boards provide a welcoming home as Shpongle radiates through the crisp night. Although alone, I was anything but lonely, soaking in the solace of Rhthym Wave’s sacred space of stillness amidst a torrent of chaos permeating the rest of the Playa.
2008: I wake up to Burnday and realize i have not yet been to Rhythm Wave. Needing to lubricate my joints and my soul, I roll up and start the day with yoga amongst other radiant beings. Playfulness abounds as the wave begins; shining all the while I make contact in flow, explode in chaos, and melt into a cuddle healing in stillness with a new special friend. I am forever grateful for the oasis of all my bodies that is Rhythm Wave.”

Juliet / Spirit (Sydney, Australia) ~
“RhythmWave is definitely THE BEST camp on the playa! beautiful people. beautiful facilities. beautiful food. beautiful dancing. Thank you so much RhythmWave organisers …. i had the best time at your camp. Everyone made me feel so welcome. What a fabulous time!!!”

Owl ~
“In 2008 I travelled to Burning Man with the Green Tortoise Travel Co. — great way for a virgin to get acclimated. A woman from NY suggested that I go with her to the Rythmnwave Camp to experience ecstatic dancing modelled after the 5Rythmns of Gabrielle Roth. That was a lot of info to absorb. I was more intrigued by her stating that conscious dance was among the best experiences that she ever had. So — I went with her, and returned again and again. RythmnWave became the center of my Black Rock City life. On the BM census form, I listed RythmnWave as the best of BM. The RW folks are kind and welcoming in a humble comforting manner. The great music and the dancing with and among those on the floor propelled me to a higher level of being. I am looking forward to this year at RythmnWave.”

Rob / Boeuf Tartare (“Boof”) ~
“I arrived at the camp at 10am in the morning after a full night of solo driving, buying last minute stuff, and roadside sleeping. The morning Sweat was in session. I parked my car. Started dancing. Delicious crowd. I had danced with about half of them before. Here, in the middle of nowhere, I was home.”

John ~
“Being introduced to your camp helped solidify my commitment to finally attend Burning Man. Over the years, as each year went by, I assumed Burning Man was becoming a bigger, annoying, yahoo, tailgate party lacking any depth of experience that interests me. Upon arriving, I started to feel my suspicions were correct. However, your camp was an oasis. I can’t thank you, and everyone involved, enough for completely turning my experience around. Such a positively intentioned space of trust and safety is exactly the sort of magical environment we all seek in our lives and travels. The vibe I felt there and the people I met helped me accept, relate to, and enjoy so much more of what was going on around the entire city. It’s hard to explain, but connecting to people so deeply at your camp helped me realize that everyone at Burning Man had come from all over for their own deeply felt reasons. We were all there together, passionately, and that was a common ground that I could use to relate to the rest of Burning Man from then on.”

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