+ 2018 dates to remember:

– Apr.25 (Wed) – STEP opens for purchases
– May 30 (Tue) – Last day to request ticket delivery/shipping changes
– June 30 (Sat) – Last day to submit RhythmWave 2018 registration
– Jul.20 (Fri) – STEP closes to buyers for 2018
– Jul.25 (Wed) – OMG ticket sale registration begins at Noon (through Fri.07/27)
– Aug.01 (Wed) – OMG ticket sale BEGINS at Noon
– Aug.26 (Sun) – Black Rock City gates open at 12:01am pst
– Aug.30 (Wed) – RhythmWave’s annual Black Lights Dance
– Sept.2 (Sat) – The Man burns
– Sept.3 (Sun) – The Temple burns

+ Residency Costs: For 2018, the total upfront camp fee will be $350. That amount includes a $100 refundable deposit (see below). The remaining (non-refundable) amount is each resident’s contribution to support RhythmWave’s ongoing infrastructure and operating costs. Of course, if for some reason you don’t actually attend Burning Man this year, your payment will be refunded to you, no questions asked. If, on the other hand, you DO attend Burning Man but (inexplicably) decide to camp somewhere else, we will need time to bring someone in from our waiting list – in which case, you will receive a refund if you notify us no later than July 31, 2018.

+ Refundable Deposit: ALL camp residents are expected to participate in camp strike, beginning after lunch on Sunday, 09/02/2018. To that end, and as an incentive to stick around, RW will discount the camp fee of everyone who participates in strike by $100. Basically, that means that $100 of the total $300 camp feel will be refunded by the end of September to everyone who fully participates in camp strike.

+ Camp Service: RhythmWave is a highly participatory "service" camp – and our service is to provide opportunities for conscious dance and movement to all citizens of Black Rock City. In that regard, all registered RW campers are asked to serve on two “Teams” and commit to TWO hours of camp service per Team over the course of the week. How folks spend that time will depend on the Teams they choose. Basically, we ask everyone who camps with RhythmWave to put in about FOUR total hours of "work" during the week, on behalf of the camp.

+ Camp Features:
Shade – There is considerable public shade around the camp and tent campers will be provided for. People who bring their own shade structures are encouraged (and, to a degree, expected) to share.
Showers – The camp provides a stand-alone shower (either one large or two smaller stalls) with a hanging apparatus for shower bags. Residents who would like to shower (encouraged) will need to bring their own FULL shower bag.
Chill Space – Residents, guests, and visitors are all welcome to enjoy our Chill/Costume Combo. It’s a great place to crash for those who arrive in camp after dark. It's also a great place to find that perfect, missing accessory. In 2017, RW may also have a separate sanctuary/healing arts space.
Kitchen – The expectation is that anyone using kitchen facilities for personal meal preparation will leave the kitchen AT LEAST as clean when they leave as it was when they got there. Also, kitchen coolers are for kitchen use only. Personal items should be kept in personal coolers in personal areas.
Recycling – The camp provides areas for recyclables EXCEPT glass. Residents are encouraged not to bring glass, but are responsible for their own if they do. ALL residents will be asked to pack out a bag of camp recycling and/or trash when leaving Black Rock City.

+ Camp Arrival: We try very hard to maintain a cohesive camp community at RhythmWave. It really is like a big, wacky family reunion. Continuity and connection are important aspects of that, so (unforeseen circumstances permitting) ALL residents are expected to arrive in camp in time for our first all-hands meet-n-greet on Tuesday, 08/28/2018, at 2:00pm. Pre-arranged late arrivals will be considered, but on an individual basis.

+ RVs: In general, RW is unable to accommodate RVs (motor homes or trailer+vehicle) over 30’ in total length; large, single-occupancy RVs are discouraged (and will be frowned at).

+ Overnight Guests: Overnight guests are welcome for up to TWO consecutive nights. Longer stay guests are discouraged. Also, any registered camp resident who arrives with someone who is NOT registered will be asked to camp offsite. If this happens, the resident’s camp fee will be refunded by the end of September.

+ Take-Down/Strike: EVERY camp resident is considered a member of the camp strike crew. People who stay and fully participate in camp strike (not just pack up their own stuff) will be reimbursed their $100 deposit by the end of September 2018.

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