RW2017 Set-up and Early Arrival FAQ

+ Important dates/times:
– Aug.24 (Thu) – First day for RW early arrival; unload begins late afternoon
– Aug.25 (Fri) – ALL set-up crew in camp, ready to work by mid-day
– Aug.27 (Sun) – Black Rock City gates open at 12:01am
– Sept.2 (Sat) – The Man burns
– Sept.3 (Sun) – Camp strike begins at 1:00pm
– Sept.3 (Sun) – The Temple burns

+ Early Arrival Passes (which aren’t):
For some reason they’ve decided to change the name… <sigh> Officially, Early Arrival passes are now called “Work Access Passes” (WAP). So your WAP (I really want to put an “F” in front of that) will be distributed through your Burner Profile and should be available the week of August 7. Remember to print and bring your WAP with you, just like your ticket and vehicle pass.

+ 2017 Set-up:
Everyone on the set-up crew (who is using a RhythmWave WAP) is expected to be in camp and ready to work no later than mid-day Friday, 08/26. Work will actually begin on Thursday, so all hands on deck!

The following are our Leads for set-up:

• Containers – Rich and PopTart (w/Charlie)
• Floor – Coyote and Si (w/Mac)
• Dance Shade – Breeze (w/Melt & Mikaal)
• Infrastructure and Camp Shade – Hugg E. Bear
• Kitchen – Trixie (w/Frankie & April)
• Chill/Costume Space – Huggalicious (w/Corinne & Sereena)
• Shower/Compost/Gray water – Wisch and Glide
• Alters – Feather

Generally speaking, what they say goes. Beyond that, we don’t really establish teams for specific areas – things tend to flow pretty naturally and we all just do what we gotta do. That said, in terms of priority, unloading the containers comes first, then we build the shade structure and the dance floor. To facilitate those priority efforts, we all drop what we’re doing when needed (“Flooooooor!”).

+ Camp Payments:
Set-up crew members are exempt from the $200 camp fee. If you’ve already paid it, you can expect a refund by the end of July – unless you indicate that you would like your payment (or portion thereof) applied to the camp scholarship fund.

+ Food During Set-up:
Meals are provided for the set-up crew beginning with Friday brunch and continuing through Sunday dinner. Everyone who arrives early is also asked to bring an item to share (click the link below). Please come prepared to fully hydrate yourself upon arrival.

Sign up for set-up food here >

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