2019 LNT Pledge

RhythmWave is committed to leaving no trace

Since 2007, RhythmWave has created a self-sustaining Burning Man theme camp by bringing together a community of dancers from the Puget Sound, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Reno/Tahoe, New York, and countries worldwide. We provide common areas for rest and healing, a comprehensive meal plan for our residents, and a shaded bamboo dance floor, with several dance, movement, and meditation offerings for the citizens of Black Rock City every day, all week long.

As a camp, sharing in both the responsibility and the achievements, we take pride in the fact that we have been 100% solid green on the BRC after-Burn MOOP map for 12 consecutive years (every year of our history). As part of our commitment to leaving no trace on the playa, we will:

  • Plan ahead
  • Practice the “5 R’s”: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore, and Respect
  • Maintain a clean camp – before, during and after the event
  • Commit to the seven principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man
  • Do what is necessary to protect and restore the Black Rock Desert
  • Identify potential problems and issues that may arise before they do
  • Educate all camp residents about minimizing our impact on the playa

Estimated 2019 Population: 60 residents; a large number of guests come through camp during the week.

Nature and scale of our activities: Two or more sets of conscious dance daily, as well as yoga, meditation, and other movement offerings. Sets are usually at 10:00am and 7:00pm, with over 100 dancers at each session. Everyone at Burning Man welcome on our shaded bamboo dance floor.

Camp Leads: Skye, Huggy Bear, Zephyr

LNT Lead: Zachar

Over the past several years we have made a concerted effort to minimize our impact on the playa by designating Team Leads who are responsible for our use of disposable items and gray water evaporation.

The LNT Team will help plan our purchases, what we bring to the playa, and remind us to reuse, recycle, reduce, and restore our materials. They will consider how to minimize the impact of getting all of our stuff to Black Rock City and home again. The LNT Team will keep our piece of the playa clean before, during, and after the event and enlist additional assistance as needed.

The LNT Team will be responsible for cleanup and trash management in camp, including during any activities or parties we host. They will ensure that our gray water does not impact the playa. They will see that all camp residents understand and agree with the policies and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man.

The LNT Team will oversee all daily camps tasks with an eye for sustainability and low-impact. When it’s time to break down and leave no trace behind, the LNT Ambassador will make sure EVERYTHING we brought leaves with us.

The LNT Ambassador will encourage camp participation in community line-sweeps and restoration efforts with our neighbors and the DPW.

How We Will Minimize Our Impact on the Playa

Before Burning Man, we will…

  • Pledge to Leave No Trace in and around our camp;
  • Read the Burning Man survival guide and familiarize all camp residents with the LNT tips;
  • Complete RW’s Leave No Trace Plan and share it with all camp residents and interested visitors;
  • Inventory total vehicle capacity so we are sure we can pack everything out;
  • Take the packaging off of just about everything pre-playa, and stock up on reusable products and containers;
  • Shop for completely edible food stuffs and prepare meals in advance to reduce waste;
  • Bring no glass, trinkets, feathers, or anything else that might get left on the playa.

During the event, we will…

  • Check in and around camp daily;
  • Clean as we go, with an eye for MOOP that can blow away and get buried;
  • Keep recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables clearly marked and separated;
  • Recycle our aluminum;
  • Establish special cleanup crews for our high-traffic activities and manage any trash left by our guests, invited or otherwise;
  • Burn only clean, untreated wood or paper, and follow the safety guidelines for fires and burn scar prevention;
  • Encourage (and perhaps provide) camp residents to carry a personal MOOP cigarette butt containers;
  • Keep all items tied or weighed down;
  • NOT dig large holes or trenches;
  • NOT leave trash in or around the blue rooms;
  • NOT light fires on bare ground, dig pits, or leave burn scars;
  • NOT dump gray or black water on the playa.

As we leave the playa, we will…

  • Dedicate time and volunteers for the final cleanup;
  • Properly haul out and dispose of ALL remaining trash and recyclables off-playa;
  • Devote at least two hours per camp resident to the general cleanup of Black Rock City;
  • Leave extra space in every vehicle on our way in, for trash and recyclables on the way out;
  • Ensure that no items detach from their vehicles during the ride home;
  • Pack EVERYTHING out, including any unevaporated gray or black water;
  • Help our neighbors and fellow BRC citizens to LNT;
  • Help careless or forgetful campers to LNT;
  • NOT put trash in or around the blue rooms;
  • Leave the playa cleaner when we go than it was when we got there.

In addition, we will….

– Design our camp layout in a way that is easy to keep clean. We will provide trash, recycling, and composting receptacles for all who utilize our services – both camp residents and visitors.

– Reuse our main camp structures year-to-year. These include: our unique 50’ x 40’ bamboo dance floor, which we assemble and break down on the playa; a permanent, scalable shade structure that covers the dance floor and common areas of camp. The camp gasoline generator is also contained in a noise shielded storage container. The camp kitchen consists of three carports assembled together, with a gray water evaporation pond and composting system outside the structure. A 275-gallon potable water tank and additional camp equipment are stored throughout the week in our standard wind/dust proof storage container.

– Utilize a detailed plan for the breakdown/cleanup of our camp that accounts for every board, stake, and scrap. We will also pack in and out any additional tools and supplies required to make it happen. Each large structure is broken down by a Team and Lead with responsibility for all the parts and pieces.

– Plan for extra cleanup and trash generated by activities and parties at our camp.

– Safely and effectively evaporate gray water. Remaining gray water and unused drinking water will be pumped to 55-gallon barrels and hauled out to a Reno disposal site.

– Plan for additional space in our vehicles for post-event trash hauling. In addition to individual vehicles, we own and utilize a 24-foot box truck to take haul out remaining trash, recyclables, and gray water barrels. We will also take advantage of Recycle Camp’s services whenever possible. All camp residents must take their own personal trash with them and at least one bag of community trash and/or recycling.

– Distribute our LNT plan to all camp residents, post the plan on our website, and reinforce the principles throughout the week. The Leave No Trace doctrine is emphasized to all RW residents, but especially first year attendees and everyone is required to MOOP the camp during the week and especially during breakdown.

– Create a secure trash separation station with signage, identifying tags, and plenty of heavy duty garbage bags. Recyclables, trash, and burnables will be separated into different containers. The burn barrel is to be used only with the supervision of the Burn Master, with safety as the first priority and LNT the second.

And we will select materials and decorations that lessen waste and are recyclable or reusable….

  • We will bring the following items for camp operations:
  • Separate, sealed containers for recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables, a “found” bin and signage for all;
  • Reusable dinnerware, utensils, and beverage containers;
  • A large water container for camp water supplies (no small containers);
  • Large buckets and painter’s mesh for wet kitchen scraps (for transport to the composter);
  • Containers for gray water disposal;
  • Containers for cig butts;
  • Tarps or other floor covering to catch items that drop.

We will bring the following items for breakdown, clean-up, and restoration:

  • Whisk brooms and big push brooms;
  • Flat blade shovel for burn scars or dune MOOP;
  • Large landscape rake and smaller rakes for sifting through dust piles;
  • Stiff, long-handled broom for breaking up dunes;
  • Rope and twine for tying loose stuff down;
  • Small MOOP-collection bags for use during daily wanderings;
  • Lots on industrial strength trash bags (more than we think we’ll need);
  • Work gloves for all camp residents;
  • Multiple Vise grips for removing stakes and rebar;
  • Directions and hours of landfills and RV water dump stations, post-event;
  • Magnets or magnet sweepers to remove every last nail, staple, and scrap of metal

Black Rock Desert Restoration:

  • We will encourage each camp resident to contribute at least 2 hours to community clean-up;
  • We will pitch in with our fellow citizens and community service teams to restore the natural characteristics of the playa in our neighborhood, removing all burn scars, dunes, leftover debris, or other physical traces of our presence;
  • We will participate in DPW line sweeps and local restoration efforts;
  • We will volunteer for and support ecological protection and restoration of the Black Rock Desert;
  • We will take away everything we brought with us plus a few things we didn’t;
  • We completely restore any hotspots (micro-MOOP sites) or burn scars;
  • We will try to give a helping hand to our neighbors;
  • We will sincerely and earnestly commit to this LNT plan and effort.
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