2019 Meal Plan o’ Plenty

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that RhythmWave has one of the best, most cost-friendly meal plans in Black Rock City. And if you haven’t camped with RW before, well… you’re in for a treat! We are extremely fortunate to welcome back Kayla “Frankie” Wexelberg as our Head Chef this year – Frankie is an accomplished Burner, Mystical Dance facilitator, and (it just so happens) an organic chef and the owner of Taste Your Roots catering. Frankie will again be joined by April and Coco – which, for the rest of us, means very good things.

This year’s (optional) meal plan is just $300.00 per person for the week (plus the dreaded PayPal transaction fee, shown as “Tax”). That includes brunch and supper from Sunday supper, 08/25, through Sunday supper, 09/01. Healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, nut butters, rice cakes, etc.) and leftovers, when there are any, will also be available to plan participants throughout the day. Frankie is passionate about healthy food and committed to offering Meal Plan participants as much organic, non-GMO food as possible. And here are a few words from the fabulous Frankie herself:

“It is yet another honor to nourish you all at lovely RthythmWave! As a lover of dance and food, it has been a true delight to have the opportunity to feed the RW family as we move and shake on the dusty desert floor. As many of you know, I focus Taste Your Roots on creating high-vibe, flavorful, nourishing meals that are primarily organic and seasonal, with as much locally sourced yummies as we can get our hands on! Last year we were gifted with farm-raised organic beef and delicious home-grown veggies… so we’ll see what this year brings!

A bit about our menu: each meal will feature a meat and/or veggie protein, fresh salad, and usually fruit of some kind. We also try to accommodate gluten-free and vegan options, if requested. This year, we’re making some exciting adjustments and will be serving brunch-themed meals every day for our first meal! We’re talking french toast, egg scrambles, bacon, sausage, veggie sausage, huevos rancheros etc. Suppers will be mostly yummy TYR classics, made with love. April, Coco, and I can’t wait to satisfy your hunger for another year at RhythmWave!”

Also, please remember to bring your own plate, bowl, cup, cloth napkin, cutlery, etc. – whatever you need to make your playa dining experience enjoyable. Community tables will again populate the shaded dining area, but there will be room for your own camp chair, too, if you’d prefer.

If you’d like to gift food items to the camp, they will be gratefully accepted. Food gifts might include: ground coffee, teas, chips, crackers, gluten-free snacks, pre-cooked bacon, fresh produce, etc. Items that keep well in the heat, without need of cooling, are preferred.

And speaking of cooling, please remember that kitchen coolers are for kitchen use only. Personal items should be kept in personal coolers at personal camp sites. Oh, and speaking of beer… RhythmWave provides recycle bins for aluminum cans, but NOT for glass bottles. Please consider your beverage choices accordingly.

Let’s eat!

2019 Meal Plan o’Plenty Payment Information

ALL payments for the 2019 meal plan must be received by Sunday, August 18. Just click the “Feed Me” button below. (Javascript and cookies must be enabled)

If you’re paying for multiple people, adjust the quantity accordingly and click “Update”. Then include the name(s) of the others for whom you’re paying under “Additional Information” in the Contact Information section of the payment page.

Please note: In accordance with Nevada state law, inclusion in the 2019 RhythmWave meal plan is available only to residents in good standing of the RhythmWave theme camp (and pre-approved guests).

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