2015 Resident Registration

ALL RW registration payment(s) must be completed by Friday, July 31, 2015.

Please remember that your $100 camp deposit (that you’ve already paid) is fully refundable if you stay through camp strike (see the FAQ page for more information). To complete your remaining 2015 registration ($200) and meal plan payments ($175) in a single transaction (for a slightly lower PayPal fee), just click the “Complete Me” button below. The “Sales tax” amount that you will see is that insidious (but unavoidable) PayPal fee.

If you would prefer to complete your registration ONLY, just click the “Register Me” button, then return to the 2015 “Meal Plan o’Plenty” page when you are ready/able. Please note: you must be registered BEFORE signing up for the Meal Plan.

To pay for additional registered camp residents, simply adjust the quantity on the PayPal payment page (don’t forget to click “Update”) and “Add” the names of everyone for whom you are paying under “Payment(s) for:” in the “Special Instructions” section (Javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser).

When you have completed your registration transaction(s) in PayPal, you will be redirected to a FluidSurvey questionnaire. Please take a minute to provide as much information as you are currently able. It helps a LOT during pre-playa preparations (both ours and yours).

Finally, due to size and resource limitations, RhythmWave is unable to accommodate “open” enrollment. For 2015, we will maintain a camp population of no more than 65 people (+/- 5). If you are uncertain whether you or anyone else in your party is one of our 2015 residents, please contact “info@rhythmwave[dot]org” for further information. Thanks for your consideration!


For camp registration + food






For camp registration only


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