The 5 Pillars of RhythmWave

HoldWe hold the floor and the container created; and we hold our house. We maintain safe space throughout, to allow all participants their own, safe experience. We are guardians of the floor, the camp, and the spaces between. Holders observe and act on behalf of the safety, communication, mentoring, and inclusion of everyone at RhythmWave.
• ALL RhythmWave camp residents will be scheduled for three Hold shifts on the dance floor, at which they will hold space (in whatever way works for them; event participation not required) for the entire event.

CreateThe act(s) of creating the physical and energetic spaces within camp, during set-up and throughout the week.

SupportThose who support the facilitators, the camp, our visitors, and each other. Those who put the community experience before their own. They are the Burners of all Trades; the adults in the room who know shit/fix shit/get shit done during the week. Support includes: Program Support (tech support for events on the floor), Camp Auxiliary (ice runs, gray water management, recycling etc.), and general as-needed camp maintenance.
• ALL RhythmWave camp residents will be scheduled for ONE camp auxiliary shift OR one program support shift.

Nourish…our hearth and communal home. The dining area is where we gather to take care of ourselves and each other.
• ALL RhythmWave camp residents will be scheduled for ONE meal plan prep shift (whether or not they participate in the Meal Plan).

GuideOur teachers, facilitators, and DJs. Those who create the events and guide people on our floor. It is a big investment of time and effort; we recognize that a two-hour set may mean two days of prep and recovery; so Guides are supported both by their Program Support person for any given set and also by those scheduled to Hold space for that set

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